Corian ideas for innovative designs.

Design ideas Corian solid surfaces furniture.

Architects and designers from around the world valued at DuPont ™ Corian ® as a material that can transform their most ambitious ideas into reality.

By exploiting the special qualities of Corian® (transparency, vibrant colors, extraordinary ability to adopt forms when subjected to heat), the creative innovators are developing much more shocking to incorporate this versatile material in the modern designs of today ideas. At DuPont we are committed to working with architects and designers in a collaboration that seeks to provide creative community dynamic and sustainable solutions for contemporary design.

Unlimited colors

Bright, intense or saturated solid colors, subtle and neutral white, pastels, earthy, black and dark emotional tones, custom colors based on the samples that you provide to us; with Corian ® solid surfaces can get the color palette you want to have. And many of the colors of Corian ® are available with amazing effects: grain, translucent, metallic specks or varying degrees of granularity.

Organic sinuous curves

As desirable in interior design as they are in nature, undulating curves create dramatic, sensual style. They can soften an intimidating or just provide a safe space ergonomically. Corian ® solid surfaces become flexible heat, so can be used to create many forms and work with them like wood to give them rounded edges. This allows designers the freedom to create innovative solutions for almost any design scenario.

Translucent light effects

Under a bath of light, translucent Corian ® solid surfaces express radiance and depth and adopt an almost ethereal lightness. Translucent colors are available in thicknesses from ¼ “and ½” so that designers have room to experiment.

Texture and patterns

With the use of CNC machines can be carved into intricate designs Corian ® to your exact specifications. And the Corian ® solid surface can be molded to create surface textures and patterns embossed. These technologically advanced techniques enable designers to customize their design surfaces in ways that were never before possible.

Coating interior walls

Cover walls with the solid surface DuPont ™ Corian ® can transform the interior like no other material. Corian ® material, with virtually no unions, creates a subtle and seductive background in any setting, a “blank canvas” that can be customized through the use of technologically advanced techniques, allowing designers to add character and communication the coating of walls and vertical designs.

Corian ® outdoors

Many of the colors of Corian ® offer exceptional stability; its low moisture absorption and resistance to environmental contamination, moisture and freeze-thaw conditions result in the Corian ® solid surface remains bright and homogeneous despite their exposure to these elements.

The sensual side of Corian ®

Full of colors or subdued, angular or curved, the virtually perfect lines of Corian ® solid surface captivates the eye and its extreme softness is a delight to touch. Designers explore these sensual qualities by combining Corian ® solid surface with light to reveal the hidden depths of the material. They have created pleasant to the touch and striking design facilities that captivate and seduce the senses, creating bonds with people around the world sculptures.

High technology

DuPontCorian ® solid surface, together with the use of fiber optic technology, has served as a screen through which light and movement are visible. Has also been used Corian ® with computer technology to integrate screens and controls to create multimedia systems for home and custom workstations in commercial environments.

Monolithic scale

Used in large-scale, solid surface Corian ® has a classic look and a commanding presence reminiscent marble or ancient stone. Its smooth lines and its strength as a rock make Corian ® is part of monolithic structures such as pillars, walls or abstract sculptures. The adhesive for bonding of DuPont ™ adheres to the solid surface Corian ® imperceptible joints, allowing you to create a smooth surface and develop large areas that appear to be made of one piece.

It performs well with others

No material may be an island and is usually a combination of materials which makes a memorable distinguished design. DuPontCorian ® solid surface work, both visually and practice, with a wide variety of other materials. It is the ideal companion for metal, wood, glass or natural stone and fits just as well in the bottom of the design and the first line of care.